The Center For Cancer and Metabolism (CCM) currently supports four research projects from junior faculty members at UK whose research is dedicated to defining the role of metabolism in the development and treatment of cancer. Because these research projects are led by junior faculty / early-stage investigators, the CCM is heavily focused on developing their independent research careers and jump-starting their research into this exciting new area of cancer research. Support from the CCM, which provides them with rich mentoring experiences from both basic and clinical researchers, enhances their success in competing for eventual independent, extramural grant support.

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Current Project Lead Investigators

  1. Circulating tumor cell-neutrophil clusters in breast cancer metastasis
    Xia Liu, PhD
  2. An intra-vital metabolic microscope to reveal the mechanisms of radiation resistance in head and neck carcinomas
    Caigang Zhu, PhD
  3. Targeting mitochondrial redox capacity to modulate radiation resistant cancer
    Luksana Chaiswing, PhD
  4. Identifying fundamental mechanisms that mediate resistance to anti-cancer therapies
    Elizabeth Duncan, PhD

Xia Liu

Xia Liu

Caigang Zhu

Luksana Chaiswing

Elizabeth Duncan